“Fortune Driving School” is formed with a vision of training and transforming safest driving skills to our Learner students.

“Fortune Driving School” is run by the professionally trained and highly qualified Instructors and is accredited by “ADTA” and "Keys 2 Drive" authorities that are approved by “Australian Automobile Association”. Our Instructors are also qualified in certificate IV in Transport and Logistics. “Fortune Driving School” is professionally registered by “ASIC”

At “Fortune Driving School” you gain driving skills with “six months zero harm” to the “P” platers after you get your licence. Our focus is not limited to the learners; we are also trained to work with the experienced supervisor drivers and parents to transform best skill set while they enjoy teaching their children

Our professional and experienced Driving Instructors understand your needs or obligations and they know how to boost your skills in less time by bringing confidence in you.

Your journey starts with us when you first enrol and get to know how our support and free advice will be with you whenever you need an expertise guidance, knowledge to drive safely in all weather conditions, different road conditions and also with daily changing traffic scenarios.

How we are Different:

It’s every teenager dream to drive a car solo and parents concern to teach their kids safe and practical driving skills. Where the parents and learner require expertise advice for safe driving practices, we play different from other Driving Institutes in Australia.

No matter what your needs are, we are here to help

Our Goal:

Our Goal is to make our learners safe at all road conditions, bringing confidence to drive at different traffic situations by making their own way and also handling all type of weathering conditions by improving your driving skills.