Our driving instructors are skilled to train all the learners to drive in all weather and road conditions to achieve a happy and safe journey.

If you are looking to drive first time in a traffic, rainy day, foggy climate conditions, gravel roads, highways, hilly areas and rural areas, our instructors are skilled enough to full fill your needs.

Services offered:

  • Drive safe ā€“ Zero harm
  • Log book training
  • Train to get your Pā€™s
  • Hazard Perception Test training ā€“ Converting theoretical knowledge to Practical approaches
  • Preparation for the Drive Test ā€“ Covering test routes, access, train and feedback sessions
  • Day/Night, Low/Medium/ High traffic driving skills
  • Driving in hilly areas, dusty, rain and fog situations
  • City driving, sharing and driving with the Trams
  • City driving include hook turn, Freeway and Rural areas coverage
  • Parking and refreshing the driving skills
  • Defence driving skills
  • Corporate/ Industrial employee training
  • Pick up and drop off at your chosen destination within the agreed locations
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